Measuring method for determining imbalances



our service offer is mobile measurements. with the ROMEG and AIDA measuring systems developed by us, aerodynamic and mass-excited imbalances can be detected with high precision and in a simply way during normal operation of the plant.




  • No downtimes
  • Measurements under real operating conditions


Results are available on site and can be used immediately for corrections.




Laser measurements with ROMEG

ROMEG set-up
ROMEG set-up



We use ROMEG laser measurement system to detect imbalances in the rotor via dynamic geometry measurements.


Measured variables are:

  • Profil contours
  • Tower vibrations
  • speed changes


Principle measurement setup ROMEG - Onshore


Messaufbau Lasermesssystem ROMEG
Messaufbau Lasermesssystem ROMEG



The laser measurement method now represents the state of the art. More than 10.000 wind turbines have been measured worldwide using this method.



Measured values from laser system ROMEG - Onshore

Messdaten aus Lasersystem ROMEG



The ROMEG method is characterized by high reliability and records not only the blade profiles but also the tower head vibrations and speed changes to determine mass imbalances.

Acoustic measurements with AIDA

AIDA set-up - acoustic imbalance measurements
AIDA set-up - acoustic imbalance measurements



The acoustic method AIDA is especially suitable for measurement of offshore wind turbines.


With AIDA the sound emission of the rotor are recorded and analyzed.


In the evaluation a frequency analysis of the time period is performed.



Prinzipieller Messaufbau AIDA - Offshore



for the first time, the acoustic method provides a simple way to detect imbalances on offshore wind turbines




Measured values from acoustic system AIDA - Offshore

Messdaten aus akustischer Unwuchtmessung



The AIDA acoustic method is particulary suitable for surveying offshore wind turbines.

Data sheet ROMEG - Onshore

Datenblatt ROMEG
ROMEG Lasermessverfahren zur Bestimmung von Unwuchten Onshore
Datenblatt Romeg 2022 09.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 221.3 KB

Data sheet AIDA - Offshore

Datenblatt AIDA 2022 09
AIDA Akustisches Messverfahren zur Bestimmung von Pitchwinkel Offshore
Datenblatt AIDA 2022 09.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 198.7 KB