Dynamic Laser Measurements of wind power plants



Our service offering includes mobile measurement so wind power plants. Both aerodynamic and mass-related imbalances can be detected using the laser system we have developed.


  • The measurements are performed while the plant is running.


Advantages of our method:

  • No yield loss due to downtimes
  • Measurements under real conditions


The measurement results are available on site and can be used immediately for corrective actions.



An unobstructed view of the turbine of approx. 100m in the wind direction is required for the measurements.


The following measured parameters are determined and analysed to evaluate the plant behaviour:

  • Profile contours of the blades at two cross-sections
  • Speed changes
  • Movements of the tower at two heights
  • Tower clearance at tip area


Example measurement results before and after imbalance correction:


                      Initial measurement

Blade profiles/angles outside of tolerance


Tower movements with aerodynamic imbalance


Tower movements with mass-related imbalance



Blade profiles/angles within tolerance


Tower movements without aerodynamic imbalance


Tower movements without mass-related imbalance



Download a sample report here:


Musterbericht ROMEG aero and mass DE I.p
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