Dynamic laser measurements on wind turbines



We offer mobile measurements on wind turbines.  With the laser system developed by us, aerodynamic and mass-excited imbalances can be detected.


The measurements are carried out on the running turbine.


Advantages of the method:


  • No energy losses due to downtimes
  • Measurements under real operating conditions


The measurement results are available on site and can be used immediately for corrective measures.




For the measurements, a clear view of the turbine in wind direction at a distance of approx. 100m is required.


The following measured variables are determined and analyzed for the evaluation of the turbine behavior:


  • Profile contours of the blades at 2 sections
  • Speed changes
  • Movements of the tower at two heights
  • Tower clearance in the tip area


Example measurement results before and after correction of the imbalances:


Initial measurement with aerodynamic imbalane

Pitch angles out of tolerance


Tower movement with aerodynamic inbalance


Tower movement with mass imbalance - FFT analysis

Follow-up measurement with correction of blade angles

Pitch angles within tolerance


Tower movement without aerodynamic imnbalance


Tower movement without mass imbalance - FFT analysis

Sample report for download:


Musterbericht ROMEG aero and mass DE I.p
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 239.3 KB