Dynamic deformation measurements of engineering structures with

M-Type Laser System


Our M-Series mobile laser measurement system is a high-precision measuring instrument that can be used to dynamically record the smallest deformations on structures over long distances. With the mobile system, changes in shape are recorded over measuring distances of up to 100m with an accuracy in the tenth of a millimeter range.


The mobile measuring system of the M-series is particularly suitable for the experimental verification of the stability of bridges. 


The simple construction and handling of the measuring system is an advantage. The laser sensors can be set up at any point within a 100m radius of the measuring points. An elaborate auxiliary construction for measurement value acquisition as with previous methods is not necessary.


Another advantage is that deformations are recorded dynamically. This ensures that the maximum loads are reliably recorded. It also shortens closure times from several hours to just a few minutes. Traffic flow is only minimally affected.


The measurement results are available on site.



Typical procedure for experimental verification of stability


  • Initial measurement - analysis of the load-bearing behavior during normal operation
  • Load measurement - analysis of the load-bearing behavior under a defined load  



Measurement Setup: Mobile Laser Measurement System





  • Range 1 ... 100m
  • Accuracy < +/-0.5 mm over entire measuring range at 20Hz
  • Measurement results available on site



A laser measurement line consists of an active laser distance sensor and a passive measurement target. The measuring targets are typically installed halfway across the span of the superstructure. With the installation of several measurement sections per structure, the bending line can also be recorded. The detection of the bending line offers the possibility to detect the damage location in addition to the damage condition.



M-Type Laser Distance Sensors



  • Highly accurate displacement measurements between laser and target at a sampling rate of 20 Hz with an accuracy of < +/- 0.5 mm over a distance of 100m.
  • A lower sampling rate increases the accuracy.


Data Sheet - M-Type Laser System





1 … 100m

Samplimg rate

20 Hz

Typical repeatability

 ± 0.5mm over entire measuring range


0.1 mm

Laser class

Laser class 2 visible λ = 650 nm

Protection class


Operating temperaturer

-20 … +60°C 


RS422- 24 bit – gray coded




Power supply

230V AC / 12V DC


4 RS422

protection class


Operating temperature

-20 … +60°C



Operating system



-  Data output CSV files with time stamp


-  Buffer for 24 h


-  Networkable




Data sheet M-Type-System


Datenblatt DLM 21.1.4 mobil - Laserbasiertes Messsystem für dynamische Verformungsmessungen an Ingenieurbauwerken
Datenblatt DLM 21.1.4 mobil.pdf
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