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Our business is the highly accurate recording and analysis of the deformation behavior of plants and structures under real operating conditions, or under defined load.


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Structural monitoring of engineering structures / SHM with S-Series laser systems


launched 2019





 S-Type Laser System

Masuring path o S-type laser system

CPU of S-type system


The S-type laser system is a group of modular measuring systems for structural monitoring (SHM) of engineering structures. The measured variable is the dynamic deformation behavior of the structure, which is permanently recorded with fixed laser measuring sections.


In several structural tests on prestressed concrete bridges before demolition and in structural tests with original bridge sections, it was proven that fractures of tendons can be detected via the deformation behavior before cracks in the concrete became visible. Monitoring is not intended to replace structural testing, but can effectively support it. The tests were carried out under the supervision of Prof. Stefan Maas - University of Luxembourg. The finding is that as damage progresses, the stiffnesses of prestressed bridges change. Changes in stiffness can only be detected to a limited extent via shifts in the natural frequencies in the case of specific excitation, but above all via changes in the deformation behavior.


 The detection of the change in stiffness is a target-oriented parameter for the condition assessment of prestressed concrete bridges. Changes in stiffness can be recorded with high precision with our laser measurement system in the form of a sagging of the zero layers or via the restoring behavior.


Our services range from the development of a measurement concept to the installation and operation of the measurement system to data processing and alerting in the event of previously determined limit value violations.



Mobile deformation measurements on engineering structures with M-Series laser systems


launched 2021



M-type Laser System


Sensors of the M-type laser system

The M-type laser system is a class of mobile measuring systems for the highly accurate recording of dynamic deformations on engineering structures and plants. 


We have developed the mobile systems on the basis of our experience with long-term measurements and load tests. The handling of the mobile system is very simple and comparable to that of tachymeters and theodolites.  


A measuring system consists of a measuring case for data recording and 2 to 4 laser measuring sections. The measured values are time-stamped and available both on site and online.  For more complex measurement tasks, several systems can also be connected wirelessly. 


In addition to the mobile measurement services, we also offer the laser measurement systems of the M series for purchase from 2021.






Dynamische Unwuchtsmessungen an Windkraftanlagen mit ROMEG-System


lauched 2012



ROMEG is a mobile measuring system for the simple detection of imbalances on wind turbines.


The rotor is in the first place in the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. If something is wrong with the rotor - blade angle or mass distribution - this leads to yield losses or increased wear. With previous methods, deviations could only be determined with high personnel costs of several man hours and long downtimes. With the laser measuring method developed by the name giver, the condition of the rotor can be determined with a low personnel expenditure of less than 1 hour, whereby downtimes are completely avoided. The laser technology used is now market-leading and represents the current state of the art.  


We offer the detection of imbalances as a service. Internationally, the measuring system is distributed by windcomp GmbH, based in Berlin.